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  • [SOLVED] Major problem with Logic Pro and MIR Pro

    Logic Pro has a feature which (to save CPU cycles) turns itself off depending on a "LIVE" setting.  I can play the VI Pro 2 instruments

    in live mode but when I go to record I do not hear anything.  To further complicate things, I have to re-send a MIDI message to all VEPro

    instances to get the entire setup to play sound.  Does ANYONE have an idea on what to do?  Surely, there are more Logic Pro users than

    just me with the same problem.

  • Figured out the problem myself.  Here is for others using the same setup.

    I have a 8-core setup (Mac Pro) and because I do not have enough CPU power to generate a real-time bounce or even offline bounce of a massive orchestra using traditional VIPro2 instruments loaded into MIR Pro, I have found that I can get the same results separating the VEPro instruments from the MIR Pro setup.  And great thing is: both are hosted by Logic (VEPro is only standalone portion).

    I wire in audio inputs of dry recorded mono signals from within Logic Pro to MIR Pro as audio representations.  For LIVE performance in Logic Pro, I had to enable Input Monitoring on Audio channels that are used to relay signals from MIR Pro back to logic.  I had to enable Recording on the audio channel to actually RECORD and hear the signal during and after the process.  Hope this helps anyone who happen to have the same problem.