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  • MIR se upgrade Mir Pro 24

    Hello, I have Mir SE and in my user area seems to download VEPRO5 / Mir pro / Mir pro 24 / in a single file. I do not understand how it can enable / register your product. I specify that I did not VEPRO5, which is necessary for MIRpro24. My license for Mir SE is sufficient as an upgrade for the couple Vepro 5 / Mir Pro24? Sorry for my bad English. Thanks in advance for your attention Giovanni

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    Hello Giovanni,

    You are right, MIR PRO 24 is integrated in VE PRO 5 now.

    So your license for MIR SE can now be used for both MIR SE and MIR PRO 24.

    If you want to use MIR PRO 24, you will need to purchase Vienna Ensemble PRO 5.

    For now, I have sent you a demo license activation code for Vienna Ensemble PRO 5.

    To check out how MIR PRO 24 works in the new surrounding, please follow the steps in this thread (including the download and installation of the updated roompacks).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul, Thanks for the quick response. To test the new mir24 mean, however, wait a few weeks since I have to use, for educational purposes, a piece made ​​with Mirse (and I do not want to risk ...). I hope this is not a problem ... Giovanni