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  • Comeback from VEP 5 to VE Pro 8861

    I desperately need to return to  version VE Pro 8861, but the installer said me that I have a newer version ,  I tried  VEP 4  and 5  but I used all the unistaller availables with the same message.  How could I do it?  .

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Manuel, 

    Which OS are you working on? 

    Build 8861 is only available for VE PRO 4, the first version of VE PRO 5 was 5.0.9687...

    May I ask why this is necessary? VE PRO 5 should be fully compatible with your VE PRO 4 projects.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Until two days ago I was working with VE Pro that I bought two years ago ( I do not know exactly which version was, I thought it was  8861) , two days ago I knew that  VEP 5 could manage more than 16 channels per instance and I thought  that it was a good time to upgrade, firts  I upgraded to VE Pro 4,   but when I  tried to open a file with logic appear a message that said  that VE cannot find Plug-In,  I would like to comeback to the old version (whithout success)  to save my work on metafiles and upgrade to VEP 5 later.

  • TIme Machine  ! ! ! !