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  • VEP5 Glitching in Ableton when Looping

    When I loop a section of audio in Ableton Live and have "audio in" plugins running into VEP5 the audio glitches(LOUDLY) and stalls for 2-3 seconds every time that chunk of audio loops back to the start position. This makes it nearly impossible to select a short sequence, such as a 1/4 note section of time of a drum fill lead in to edit the parameters loaded on its VEP5 channel. The only work-around I've found is to never loop anything and instead use my external Ableton control surface(APC40) and be constantly pressing the hardware "play" button so that playback resumes at the selected play-start position. For some reason, there is no delay or glitching when I use the "play" button. Only while looping. I constantly need have one hand on the play button of my APC40 while I'm editing the VST plugin parameters in VEP5 with the mouse using my other hand. This problem is reproducible in Ableton 8.3, 8.2.8 and 8.2.6, and I presume in all other versions. Could you please look into this and provide suggestions? Many thanks, Ben

  • Same here. Vepros engine stops/starts every loop iteration, causing "glitches"
    Also, lives "back to arrangement" button lights up when using dense automation data with ve pro, causing automation playback to stop...