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  • BUG: Editing in Kontakt 5.02.5641

    We have constant hangs in the program when "editing" instruments within a Kontakt instance within the latest version of VEP - 5.0.10370. Program still functions and works fine when the Wrench Icon is not open to edit the instrument.

    Machine: Win7 Pro sp1

    i7-2600 @3.4 w/ 32gb RAM @ 68% load

    Only 5 Frames open, but most of the ports on the frames and 30 outputs on each frame are active. Other composers at our studio have reported similar problems with larger loads.

    We are doing evertthing over the network  (audio and midi) and over remote desktop (does this without RDC too)

    Cubase is not connected to the instances, these are just part of the metaframe.


  • you won't be able to access the Kontakt GUI properly unless you connect to Cubase. Kontakt has to see audio connection for it to work apparently.