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  • Herb's Teldex MIR Pro presets

    Will there be an update to the small version of Herb's teldex preset file that fits in the 24 instrument limit of MIR Pro24?  As it is, it loads but gives an error after (i'm guessing) the first 24 instruments.  So I have no idea what was left out.  

  • We'll look into this ASAP - thanks for reporting.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks.

    An idea for a future version of MIR Pro24.  Allow it to load MIR Pro project files fully but only allow one to "enable" icons for up to 24 instruments.  That way, people can exchange files for any size but still provide the limitations you want to the lower cost version.  

  • Hi, Any update on this? I just purchased Mir Pro 24 and I am setting up my template with VSL SE. Herb's Teldex presets are just what I need (with Room Pack 2) but I am not clear how I can pick and choose from the full range of presets available (as long as I don't go over the 24 instrument limit). Any advise on the best way to work with the presets today or do I have to wait for an update to Mir Pro 24? I'm holding off on the purchase of Room Pack 2 until I'm a little more clear on what to do. Regards, Alex

  • Let me just say, and of course is only an opinion but you are completely doing yourself and injustice and wasting your time if you are waiting for roompack two presets before buying.  The presets themselves will only suffice for very specific usages.  The rest of the time you should and probably will make your own for each song (if you want the best results).  That roompack is mine and probably most everyone elses favorite because of the Teldex Studio.  If you are planning on buying this roompack, do not let waiting on presets affect your timing.  I find it the easiest room to work with and it gives you instant access to another color of sound to what you have now.