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  • Hollywood String in MIR

    Anybody have any suggestions how to use this lib in MIR. Trying to decide what mic position to use and how these should be placed on the stage considering the sample were recorded in position when the lib was created. 


  •  The best you can do, is select the dryest mic position, which presumably is CLOSE, and make sure the Play reverb is OFF, then place them on the MIR stage where you want them.  MIR will then control the pan position and reverb.

  • Welcome john_4241,

    I have no intimate knowledge of Hollywood Strings, but I would reach for the closest available recording position. In case the samples are "pre-panned", you will have to counteract this panning _before_ putting the signal on a MIR stage, e.g. by means of Vienna Suite Power Pan, or at least by using VE Pro's built-in Stereo Pan - otherwise the results will be somewhat unpredictable.

    Edit: I've just seen that andyjh has posted a similar answer while I was writing. :-)


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Dietz,

    This is an old thread but could you please explain a bit as I don't get it.... Ok for selecting the closest setup but I don't understand about center panning. I mean, if original prepan is not centered, we should have to center it, but what about VI instrument panning... I guess some are not centered too... I'm using MIR as VST plugin in Cubase (master) while instruments are playing from slave computer's VE Pro instance.

    Thanks for clarifying, it will help me a lot in my setup :-)



  • All VSL instruments are recorded in stereo while keeping the main spatial focus of the source as centered as possible. There will be fluctuations due to the type and/or the size of the instrument (grand piano, organ etc.), and due to peculiarities of the actual sound production (certain woodwinds come to mind), but as a rule of thumb it's not necessary to pre-pan Vienna Instruments for MIR Pro.

    3rd-party instruments or actual recodings might need that.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Ok, I get it now ! Following what you said, I just made some tests on 3rd party instruments, centering them (Powerpan @22) and the change is huge...

    Everything's clearer to me now, thanks a lot for your quick reply, Dietz :-)