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  • My old projects aren't loading correctly.

    I've recently updated to the most recent version of VE Pro on my Master (Mac Pro) and Slave (Windows 7) machines. I'm trying to finish up an older project and when I open it, it doesn't load the Ve Pro Instances. They are just blank. It used to work where if I had VE Pro open on my server and I loaded a project in Logic it would load whatever instance (plug-in and patch) was used in the saved logic project. Now, it's not working and I don't know exactly what patch (with custom settings) was used. This is terrifying for me since it makes older projects unusable in many instances. Am I doing something wrong? Is there anyway to find out what version of Ve Pro was used when saved and revert back to that version??

  • Are you sure you didn't accidentally save the Logic project when the VE Pro plugin(s) was/were decoupled? If not, could you e-mail the Logic project to ? This definitely should not happen (and hasn't been reported to happen either).