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  • 63 x VSTi and MIR Pro Latency ?

    Maybe I could have more chance here [:)] 


    I have a question about my setup/configuration. My main template has around 55 x VEP5, 5 x Play and 3 x Kontakt.

    To be able to remove all pop or sound clicks, the MIR Pro latency is 4096. Is it right ? There's a way to decrease it

    and don't have any audio or latency problem ?

    I can work like this but maybe i'm missing something ...

    Thanks !!

  • Hello Sonophile, 

    55 instances of VE PRO 5? Which host are you using?

    Why not use VST3 and cut down the instances to 2 (you get up to 48 MIDI Ports with VST3)?

    This is quite some workload there.... Maybe a slave computer for, e.g., PLAY and Kontakt, is also an idea?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  •  VEP5 is standalone on a slave computer. The problem is I really need to put PLAY and Kontakt in my template : Hollywood Strings + Broadway Big Band, Acoustic Guitar, etc. The delay isn't too much. I can stay like that for the moment. On smallest project, I reduce the latency.

    VST3 ? Within the standalone ?



  • Mathieu - did you really mean to say "55 instances of VE Pro" in your initial message, or was that a typo for "55 instances of Vienna Instruments Pro"?

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Oops ... my error ... sorry ! yes, 55 x Vienna Instruments Pro 2

  • Mathieu, depending on your system you should first try to leave MIR Pro's own processing latency at 0. Set the number of threads assigned in VE Pro's preferences to the highest possible value. Now try the different ASIO latency settings or the RME (512 is most likely a good starting value). Now try how far you get with these settings. If you encounter crackles due to CPU overloads, switch MIR Pro's latency to at least twice the size of the ASIO settings (1024). If this works, you can try to reduce the number of threads again (which might be necessary when you run other applictions on the same machine).

    If you still have to change the ASIO settings to some higher value, remember to increase the MIR latency settings, too.

    This way you should find the optimum settings for a given arrangement size. Just remember that they are no fixed values, they depend on a multitude of variabels.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  •  Thanks ! After my tests, for my orchestral template, asio to 512 and MIR Pro latency to 4096 ... I have problems with other choices. Anyway, for my smaller project, I change my setup. By the way, it could be a nice idea to have the option to save the MIR Pro latency within the file. Don't know...

    Thank you again,



  • Saving MIR Pro's latency within a VIFrame could make sense, I agree. I'm not sure whether the internal structure of the application allows for project-specific preferences or not ... will investigate.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hello Mathieu

    Is your project in stereo or in 5.1 ?



    MacBook Pro M3 MAX 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" - 1 x 27" screen --- Logic Pro --- Mir Pro 3D Dolby Atmos --- Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs --- Quite a few Kontakt libs --- CS80 fanatic
  • Cyril, i'm working in surround 5.1 yes