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  • MOD Wheel Substitute for Working with VSL?


    I posted about a month ago under this category (please see “Lack of Mod. Wheel a problem for working with VSL?”) and received some helpful info. - thanks again to: cgernaey, suon and cug for your replies – I appreciate everyone’s input. I’m currently auditioning both Yamaha keyboards (CP300 and CP50). While I know that the CP300 has the advantage of the mod wheel in working with VSL and other software, there are two main drawbacks – the piano sound itself (IMO) isn’t quite as good as the CP50 and the CP300 is HEAVY (I do a fair amount of gigging and would prefer to have a great sounding piano that’s portable as well as for recording).

    Might it be worth purchasing a smaller, additional controller keyboard (with mod wheel) that would serve as my main recording instrument for VSL and other soft synths? I would certainly prefer to have one keyboard do everything (a la Guy Bacos) but am open to any solution that will offer me the most bang for the buck. Anyway, I’d greatly appreciate any feedback (again) from the VSL community.

    Thanks, -SW

  •  Take a look at the Kawai MP6 stage piano,  it's about the same weight and cost as the CP50,  but the piano is somewhat better - great ivory touch hammer action keyboard too.  Pitch & Mod wheels included.

  • Another option, which you might have been hinting at, is to have a second separate controller that is cheap and utilitarian.  That way you can get the keyboard you like, even if it doesn't have the mod wheel.

    Korg nanoKontrol is a good example.  You might even be able to find something even cheaper that has just 2-3 sliders on it - just make sure to test the quality of something that cheap before buying it outright =)

    After buying such a MIDI controller, it should be straightforward (or at least documented somewhere) how to map the sliders or knobs to the CC1 mod wheel, or other CC signals you wanted.