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    Dear Folks, I have been thinking to buy MIR PRO but today got an email about the release of MIR PRO 24. After reading some articles on the forum and others, I'm still not quite sure what's the difference between these two. Is MIR PRO 24 actually a limited version (with a cheaper price) of MIR PRO? Or, MIR PRO 24 is an attached/expanded pack of MIR PRO? Could you please help me to figure it out? Thanks!! Chien-Yu

  • MIR PRO 24 = MIR PRO but limited to 21 instruments/input

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  • It's limited to 24 MIR instrument icons (or 24 MIR Pro plugins from VE Pro 5's point of view) per running application.

  • What is the upgrade price from pro24 to pro?

  • So does that mean that there's no way to have more than 24 instruments on the virtual stage at the same time? Or, if we could make 24 groups/instances which are individual routed into their own instruments, then more than 24 instruments are possible? Could we buy MIR PRO 24 first and upgrade it to MIR PRO later?

  • So ..

    Grouping should be possible but will reduce the "MIR Effect" (see other thread)


    Registered users of Vienna MIR PRO 24 may upgrade to Vienna MIR PRO at EUR435 / US-$520.