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  • Play-Stop Transport button in VEP 5 not working with DP 7.24

    I just installed VEP 5 (latest version—5.0.10370).  The Play/Stop button turns orange instead of gray when DP is running, but you can't use it to start or stop the host sequencer.  This is true whether or not you click on the button or hit the spacebar.  I even tried unassigning the spacebar from play/stop toggle within DP's key commands—made no difference.  I noticed there were earlier posts about this relating to Pro Tools—can others confirm that this is a DP problem as well?



  • It's currently not working in DP, but it does work in Pro Tools (fixed in one of the previous updates).

  • I noticed that this functionality DOES work for VEPs hosted by my slave computer (except for one instance which only has one Trilian, no VIs or VI Pros).  It doesn't work on my local computer (even for a VEP instance that consists of just one VI Pro).

    Just thought I'd pass on that additional info.


  • DP seems to disable keyboard input when the application isn't focussed and the VE Pro 5 feature relies on that. That's why it may work from a slave system, simply because the DP application is focussed.

  • Interesting—makes sense.  Love the functionality with the slave—hope it can be made to work on local...