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  • MIDI device (Active Sensing) causes VEPro 5 to hang!

    I had problems with VEPro 5 standalone. It hung, whenever I switched off its engine or entered preferences:

    I guess I found the solution: I plugged off everything connected to the PC, plugged in one device after another and tested VEPro 5. With my Steinberg Midex-8 plugged in (Steinberg provided an unsupported x64 driver, but it worked flawlessly since then), I noticed the following:

    I have three MIDI devices plugged into the Midex-8
    Input 1: Studiologic SL880 Masterkeyboard
    Input 2: Doepfer Pocket Dial -> Output 2
    Input 8: Roland Handsonic HPD-15 -> Output 8

    VEPro 5 standalone works flawlessly with the SL880 and the PocketDial switched on.

    But as soon as I switch on the HPD-15 and try to enter preferences, or turn off the VEPro 5 engine, VEPro 5 hangs!!!

    Now, this could be a Midex-8 driver issue. But maybe its the HPD-15 sending "Active Sensing" MIDI data constantly, causing VEPRo 5 to hang?

  • ok, I made some further checks:

    I used MIDI-OX, opened Midex-8 Input Port 8 (HPD-15) and routed it out a virtual Loopback MIDI port.
    In VEPro 5, I DID NOT open any Midex-8 Input port, but only the virtual Loopback MIDI port.
    With MIDI-OX, I set up a MIDI filter, so I can ensure that no Active Sensing is sent to VEPro 5

    With or without active Filter, VEPro works like a charm.

    As soon as I use a Midex-8 Input port in VEPro 5 along with my HPD-15 on Input Port 8 switched on, sending Active Sensing, VEPro hangs on switching on/off its engine or entering preferences.

    So, it looks like the Midex-8 is the bad boy here, having problems with Active Sensing...
    I can't configure the HPD-15 to NOT send Active Sensing, so I have to be aware to switch off the HPD-15, before entering VEPro's Preferences... *lol*