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  • Upgrading from VEP 4 to 5

    Hi All,

    I'm between phases on a big project and would like to go from VEP 4 to 5 (I use DP 7.24 with VEPs hosted on both a local and slave computer). How confident can I feel that my VEP 4 projects will translate seamlessly to VEP 5?



  • You can feel confident. VE Pro 5 is fully backward compatible up to the master host level. If anything goes wrong regardless, you can just uninstall VE Pro 5 and reinstall VE Pro 4 and continue working. Be aware that any project saved with VE Pro 5 will not load in VE Pro 4 however, so make backups if you're unsure.

  • OK, good to know.  Looking forward especially to the Event Input Plugin!