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  • forgive me for my lameness but...


    I think like a composer not a technical wizard. So back before I had VE Pro 5, I would call up separate instances for Vienna Instruments. I don't like doing any kind of mix in midi, so when I was ready to mix I simply highlighted the midi tracks and instance tracks and did a freeze. After the freeze I had all the instruments on their own audio track and I was ready to mix. Now that all the instruments are in VE Pro 5, when I do a freeze all the instruments are converted to a stereo audio track, which makes me think that now I have to do a midi mix first. How do I convert all my midi tracks so that each instrument has its own audio track in one fell swoop? I tried chaning the output tracks in VE Pro 5 but that didn't do anything.

    This is probably a simple thing, right?


  • What sequencer are you using?


  • Hello DG,

    Digital Performer 7.24

  • I had (what I think was) a similar problem using Sonar X1 and multi-out synths.  Each time I would try to freeze a few instruments from a multi-out synth all the instruments on that synth would freeze.  I finally "bounced to audio" the instruments I wanted to freeze instead of using the "freeze" function.  Hope this helps.

  • One instance of VE Pro is one instrument to the DAW. So if you want separate renders you need to separate what's in DP into the component parts you need to be separate, into x amt. of separate instances of VE Pro. 

  • Thanks, I did eventually figure things out. That's the only thing I miss about all those open instances: the ease of selecting and freezing.