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  • Flute concerto K314 - W.A.MOZART

    Hi guys, a small one to finish the week end . Have a good week !!! Philippe.

  • Thanks Philippe for yet another fine work! If you take requests is there any chance you have Haydn's Symphony No. 88 in G Major: II. Largo already completed somewhere in your repertoire! It's my favourite listening at the moment and I'd love to hear the VSL chamber treatment on this.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Tom, thanks for your comment. And for the andante of Symphonie N°88 : DEAL !!!! I already begin to do it ;-). It will take short time. Kind regards. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe

    You took the right (correct) articulations...

    Nevertheless, the (1st) strings sound horrible!

    What have you done with the nice samples of VSL?

    Did you use a synthesizer for the strings?

    Mozart isn't baroque - so use vibrato and feelings my dear.

    Compare here...

    my criticism seems to be hard - take it easy. [;)]



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  • Thank you Philippe! I can't wait to hear how this will sound and sorry if I was a little cheeky for asking. I'm just in awe of the quality of work produced of late and find it very inspiring and encouraging to hear some of the works that can be produced with VSL and it is even easier to appreciate when I recognise the material presented. I look forward to hearing this as always.



  • Hi Beat, don't worry, i take it very, very easy, especially from you ... :-) Regards

  • Hi Tom, here it is. Kind regards

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    @Philippe BAYLAC said:

    Hi Tom, thanks for your comment. And for the andante of Symphonie N°88 : DEAL !!!! I already begin to do it 😉. It will take short time. Kind regards. Philippe

    Hi Philippe

    How can you do this:

    04-02-2012 22:32 ... I already begin to do it 😉. It will take short time.

    04-03-2012 21:48 ... Hi Tom, here it is.

    For such music I need 3 days of work... Could this be your workflow:

    A) Your base is a well done midifile so that it sounds perfect as midifile itself so far (perfect lengths of the midi notes).

    B) Then you assign the corresponding VSL instrument - most time with one articulation (sustain, without vibrato for the strings).

    C) You add some X-Velocity courves

    D) Mixdown

    D) Finito! 1 day of work.

    This would explain my "horrible strings".

    When I listen to others of your big amount of works I mostly make out the sustain sound without vibrato for the strings.

    The sustain got probably a bit more attack or an added staccato.

    Is this the way you play the VSL-Samples with the strings?


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • Hi, guys.

      I am new to this forum (I posted my first tracks just 2 weeks ago), and, up until now, I found the people here and their comments extremely nice and encouraging, especially for a newcomer like me, who has just begun to discover the musical potential of VSL instruments .

      While I understand your point, Beat, I honestly think there's no need to express it so harshly. Anyone who has visited VSL knows your demos, and also that you are an experienced VSL programmer. I would really like that you positively criticize my performances, for I know there's no better way to learn, but I guess I wouldn't be so happy if you used those manners (^_-). 

      I am sure you don't speak on behalf of VSL here, but please understand me, especially because we all know your reputation and your long relationship with VSL (everybody can see your web in VSL projects page), I think you could be a little more constructive with less experienced users (correct me if I'm wrong, but Philippe posted his first demo just 3 or 4 months ago). That would help, rather than discourage. Also understand you are a profi, but he may be doing his demos just for fun or as a part of his learning process. And he's doing something not so many people currently do here: classical music.

      By no means would I want you to think I can't see your reasons. One of the tracks in my first post ( was in fact the Allegro Aperto of Mozart's K 314 Philippe is doing here, and it took me about a week to reach a point where I said, "enough!! Let's do something new...", so I know what you're talking about. But, my experience as a teacher shows me that, as there are students who learn faster by doing one thing as good as they can before starting a new one, there are also others that learn much faster doing more or less imperfectly as many things as they can, the refinement coming in a much later stage.

      Philippe, I agree with Beat in that, to do justice to VSL instruments, a little more time and care is needed, and that you could dramatically improve your performances if you took the time to explore and use more articulations, refine the dynamics and the tempo fluctuations, and make use of rhythmic and pitch inaccuracies to add a human touch to the mock-up... but I also find your youtube collection a great beginning!! So, please, go on with your classical moments!! (^_-)

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    Hi Servandus

    I do not belong to the VSL team. But I'm proud when it seems to be so...

    I don't want to be harsh against Philippe. But sometimes it's better to come "as a bombshell" than beating about the bush.

    What I see is that Philippe produces lots of pieces and all of the visitors are saying bravo, super, fantastic....

    So I think Philippe will be motivated to continue the current way. These praises could try to make him believe that he reached the top...

    Therefore my message for Philippe is here to check out whether his pieces could be improved or not and then whether he would improve them or not.

    Of course, this sort of message only can be given by one who has done a lot of such pieces as well and they always come with a certain harshness. Believe me, I didn't it without thinking.

    The result is, that you, Servandus, agree with me that Philippe should justice the VSL-Instruments a little more. I never heard such sentences until now. We always should be honest.

    So I'm sure that my "jump in" here could be a help for Philippe in the end. Further, I hope he can take this criticism as a help and nothing more.

    Fact is that all his pieces sound very good (at a first glance), that they all got a good mix and good balanced instruments...

    But if you listen twice to those pieces you recognize the simple use of different samples (sorry).

    Hi Philippe

    Forgive me when I was too harsh. I repeat: Take it easy. It's not the end of the world. I've nothing against you, no, it's the opposite,

    I would like to help you, for improving your pieces even more. It doesn't need a lot and they will reach the top class.

    OK, that's all. My rule:

    Don't criticize without giving a better example (assigning more articulations) ...

    That's what I mean or this one or this one (PlayAlong with Samples)

    Taking more articulations isn't a must - it's just a chance to climb on an even better level.

    With Love [;)]


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • Hi Philippe,

         thank you for the Haydn movement! I'm not qualified to get into the critiquing however I do appreciate the effort you put in and I enjoyed the result. I apologise if I started something without realising where it was going to go!



  • Hi everybody, I am a little surprised by all the noise on this post... I just want to precise right now that I record my midi files myself, since 25 years (sweet period of ATARI, Notator and first release of Cubase), so I have today a huge personnal library. So, I don’t need to search or take anything, anywhere. Other small detail : I play piano since i am 5 years old, harpsichord since 13 (i am 50). A very easy piece like the largo of the 88th of J.Haydn doesn't take hours for record I'm very busy at work these days, but I will try as soon as possible to take time to express myself on the other points. In the meantime, I let each reader of the post assessing the comments at the right value. Kind regards.

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    OK. Sorry for being part of the noise. I shouldn't have jumped in this thread, but I did not understand what was going on. In any case, I think it's clear from these posts from just a week ago...

    @Another User said:

    Yes, the sonic richness of the library makes me also feel that I am using just a small part of it... but that only adds up to the excitement of discovering its, apparently, endless possibilities

    ... that nobody here thinks "he has reached the top". I think nice comments motivate, though, and I really appreciate them, but it seems that I must not only learn how to manage VSL samples, but VSL forum also (^_^). For my part, if the circumstances allow me, I am also going to share many pieces in the next months. I hope there's no problem with it. Indeed, I find this forum needs more new classical examples, although I'm conscious it may be just a subjective appreciation due to my classical background. 

      Best regards.

  • Hi Servando,

        looking forward to your music and happily welcome more classical compositions also.



  • Hi Servando, Hi Beat maybe "noise" is not the appropriate word (but i had a big headhacke before reading the post last night :-))... Let me speak french, i will explain all in a more subtile way ;-) Thanks Servando for reminding my previous comment about the 10%. Of course ! I know that i have just made 10% of the way... Beat, i am not angry at all and i understand very well what you mean. Just something wrong about the way you did it ;-) (believe somebody who negociate everay day for a worlwide compnay : begin first with diplomacy and AFTER, if you need, use brutal methods ...) When i was young, one of my prefered teacher used to say "A small drawing is much better than a long speech" ...So, better than trying to explain or justifing anything, i will made some music samples, i must just find time to do it (i am not home for few days). But, i fear we will not deal about the use or amount of vibrato in baroque and classic music .. but it is another subject :-) To all : have a good day, and Beat, kiss Switzerland for me, it is a so beautiful country ... Kind regards

  • Hi Philippe

    I'm happy about your post above.I believe you got my first post the right way. Thanks a lot!

    At first I thought that we will need a "denoiser" for the next steps...

    Now I wish everybody happy, restful and hopefully very sucessful Easter days.

    A special kiss back from Switzerland and from the noisy Beat as well.

    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  •  Phillippe,

    Whether it needs work or not I must say I love hearing these pieces, and the concentration upon great music that you are doing.   It is such a pleasure to hear the great composers' works.   

  • +1!!

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