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  • changing VSL articulations manually in Logic

    I understand that I have to set up these articulation changes with notes or keyswitches (?) but how do I put them in?

    Do I insert them in the list view of Logic or some other way?

  • I think I was posting in the wrong thread initially, [:$]

    keyswitches are simply note-ons. I put them in the piano roll. I distinguish them from sounding notes by making their duration as short as possible.

  • I use notes out of the playing range of the instrument for keyswitches.

    You can change the internal midi channel of these notes so they don't appear in the score and it is easy to copy a group of notes and their associated keyswitches either to a different time position or another instrument with the same keyswitch settings.

    An additional benefit is you can very accurately enter and edit these keyswitch notes by viewing the piano roll and zooming in.


  • I use the pencil tool in the list editor and click on a note to duplicate it. Then I change the name of the first note (e.g. "E3") to the note-name of the keyswitch (e.g. C#0") and move it a little bit back, so the keyswitch will be played before the relevant note. Done!