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  • Fader automation in VE Pro 5

    Hi all,

    My goal is to control VE Pro 5 mixer faders externally with my Mackie Control Universal Pro and I can't find the answer through tutorial videos, forums or the program manual and have found nothing on the topic. I'm using Digital Performer 7.24. I would greatly appreciate any guidance on this. Thanks!

  • Select "Automation Mapping" from the "View" pull-down menu (shortcut F5), add a new entry, click the first "L" to learn a MIDI-source, the second "L" for a destination (or assign them manually from the pull-down). Repeat for every fader and/or control you want to assign.That's all. :-) ... just make sure that VE Pro is receiving MIDI input from your control surface.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you Dietz, still a little unclear. For some reason my version of VE Pro 5 does not have a View tab like in the videos but I am able to access the "Automation Mapping" from the F5 key. How do I get VE Pro to receive MIDI input? Also, after clicking the first "L" do i need to select a source from the pull down menu on the left? if so, which one? and what exactly do I select in the pull down menu on the right? I want to have my Mackie Control move the mixer faders in VE Pro's mixer, but the selections in this pull down menu seem only to be for software plug ins. I appreciate your help on this :)

  • "L" is for "learn". As soon as the button is active, just move the chosen control source or target function to assign it. The pull-downs are an additional option, mostly useful for the assignement of VST/AU automation.

    MIDI sources are selected in VE Pro's Preferences Menu.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Deitz, thank you very much for your help. It worked! I was a bit thrown off visually because when you move the fader on the controller it doesn't actually "move" the virtual fader on VE Pro 5 (hopefully with future update ) but it definitely does control volume. Thanks again! [:D]

  • Then there must be something wrong - I just tested it here, and VE Pro's Channel Volume fader definitely moves when it's controlled by MIDI.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hmmm, maybe I'm missing a crucial step. in detail here's what I'm doing: I call up "Automation Mapping." I add an entry. I press the first "L" (on the left) and then select a virtual fader on VE 5 Pro's mixer. I then select the L on the right (on the right) and then touch the physical fader on the Mackie Control surface that's is the same instrument channel as the virutal one I selected in VE Pro 5's mixer. Just as soon as I touch the physical Mackie fader I notice "Midi Port 1 VE Pro plugin MIDI in 1, Channel 3, Controller 7 appears in the lefthand column in the Automation Mapping window. And that's it. The fader works, but it doesn't move on the VE Pro 5 screen.

    Any thoughts?

  • The way you describe it you mixed up source and target. Unless I  misunderstood what you're after, the Mackie is the source, VE Pro's Mixer fader is the target.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • It works! How sweet it is to see that VE fader move up and down! It's sad how much specifity I need to accomplish a thing :) thanks again, Deitz!

  • An lastly two things I need to know. Sorry to be so needy, I just can't find these matters in the manual or video. 1. I can't get my space bar in VE Pro 5 to play Digital Performer 7.24. I can only get audio coming from my sequence when the audio engine is turned off, which to my mind, seems wrong, but you now have an insight into my backwards mind from my confusion from before. and 2. how do you record a fader automation pass. I haven't the foggiest idea. I'm sure you do.

  • ... and this is weird, when i assign a Mackie fader to a VE Pro 5 Fader it controls the midi volume just fine, however, it's also controlling the pitch fader in VI Pro 2 as well. I tried to reassign the pitch fader in VI Pro 2 to my keyboard controller pitch wheel thinking that would solve the problem, but it doesn't bypass the Mackie volume fader from controlling the pitch fader in VI Pro 2.

  • OOps! Forget the last post concerning fader and pitch. i had that channel's midi input set to omni. :)

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    Hi faucetmusic,

    Start/Stop should work with the latest VE PRO 5.0.10370, did you apply the update?

    Where do you have to turn off the audio engine? Can you describe the setup again?

    Regarding the recording of fader automation: Best to check in your DP manual.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Hi Paul,

    As for recording an automation pass I figured it out. for some reason it didn't occur to me that programming automation in DP also controlled the faders in VE Pro 5 once I learned how to assign VE Pro 5 virtual faders to my external Mackie Control.

    As for the Start/Stop function in VE Pro 5, I am reluctant to download the 5.0.10370 because Karel had designed a specific download based on my crash report I had sent him last week. that issue is from this thread Frequent crashes with VE Pro 5

    here is the case tracking ticket regarding that issue: 101866_ovl8k6j3oc4dii4v

    I would love for the Start/Stop issue to be fixed. Do you think this latest fix 5.0.10370 would fix my former issues and fix the start/stop?

    And lastly, I only turned the audio engine off as a desperate attempt to make the start/stop function work. I'm assuming if this the little icon at the top far left corner of VE Pro 5 is lit, then the audio engine is "on."

    Thanks for the help. I look forward to hearing your ideas.

  • Hi faucetmusic, 

    The version you received was made before 5.0.10370 was built. I´m pretty sure that Karel left the specific fix in the new version. 

    Just opened DP again (I use it rarely) and remembered that Start/Stop never worked with DP, as DP seems to disable keyboard input when not focussed... Maybe we can get MOTU to change that at some point. 

    Sorry about the misinformation!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you, Paul

    Can I send an email to Karel regarding the updated version and my previous build. I'd like to have the latest version but I certainly don't want to revisit those crashes again. I apologize for the paranoia but those crashes are heart-wrenching. Is there a way to get a message to him?

    Thanks again! :)

  • You can rest assured that the current version includes the aforementioned fix.

  • Thanks Karel!