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  • VEP5 server crash on saving in Pro Tools

    I have a protools project hosting 5 remote server instances of VEP5. 2 for VST instruments routed into protools and 3 for VST effects going out from and returning to protools using audio input plugins. Ive since encountered a problem saving the project. When I hit save VEP hangs. If I then quit VEP from the task manager, restart VEP and reconnect the server plugins in pro tools I can then save. Any ideas?

    Thanks Stuart

  • Hi Stuart, 

    The usual questions: Which exact versions of PT, VE PRO, which VST effects, which OS....

    "Task Manager" indicates Windows, so: Which Service Pack is installed?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Sorry :) Ill update my signature a bit.
    VSTi include
    Kontakt, Omnisphere, Battery, Stylus, Trilian, Alchemy
    Acustica nebula is the only active effect I have in VEP in this project
    Thanks Stuart

  • Just noticed theres a new update for VEP. Ill give it a go.

  • This is still a problem with the update. The server hangs on saving the project. If I close the server, reopen and reconnect I can resume. Its not a huge problem but theres something perhaps in the plugins Ive mentioned causing this to break.