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  • Vienna Academy - Sound combinations...

     ...   [:|]

    A big thank you to the Vienna Team for this!  I just discovered this ''accidentally''...  It is SO useful!  All this

    information for ALL the instruments...  [:|]

    I don't know what to say...  What a passionate and devoted team you are...  [:O]

  • can you give us the link ?



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  • Hello,

    I have to agree on this. I looked more than twice per day sometimes in this place. The sound combinations are very well structured and everything is clear and simple outlined. 

    Congrats for this idea and I think is pretty hidden ..maybe you can give it a lift somewhere in your website mentioning about its presence !!


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    A sidenote: MIR Pro links directly to the proper page of the Vienna Academy for most Vienna Instruments - just click on the small, circled "i" in the right corner at the top of the instrument's picture.

    -> Screenshot


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library