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  • Midi Recording Early HELP

    I am  having a problem with my midi arriving early in Cubase 6.05 Build 357
    Midi playing back is not what I hear when I play it in. It is always early.
    I have done tests and this only seems to happen with VE-pro instruments coming from my  slave
    but it does not happen with samples coming from my master Mac.
    My Master Mac is a OS 10.6.8    2x3.2 Quad-Core   24 gig of RAM
    My Slave Mac OS 10.6.8   2x 2.66 Dual Core 20 Gig of RAM
    VE-PRO version = 5.0100068
    I have my Buffer in Cubase set to 256 and VE-PRO buffer set to 2.
    I have had this problem for a very long time and it is impossible for me to work with this latency.
    Thanks so much for the help,