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  • VEP5 and Pro Tools. Problem changing server preferences

    Ive found a problem changing the audio input/output counts in the server preferences within a pro tools project. I changed these via the server plugin and as a result Pro Tools crashes attempting to open a project which used to open fine. I have audio going out and coming back into pro tools via the plugins. If i remove the VEP plugins from the Pro Tools folder I can then reopen the project. I then have then had to inactivate the offending channels, add the plugins back into the pro tools folder, reload the project and configure everything again. Im experimenting with different mixing templates. Just wanted to let you know theres a bug in there somewhere.


  • Some hosts like Pro Tools are limited in their ability and may cause crashes if you set the audio/MIDI I/O preferences too high. If you're unable to load the plugin to change the preferences again, you can also change them from the VE Pro Server's preferences on the same system.

  • OK sure. Just wasnt sure whether it was pro tools or VEP causing the host to crash on opening the project. But all is well now - just another learning point. Thanks Stuart