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  • Recovering from Digital Performer Crash without quitting VEP

    I've had many instances where DP's crashed, and when I've tried to restart the DP project, have gotten a MacOS error -8796.  I'm not sure what this error means (though I've seen mention of corrupted font files).   To resume my project I've found the following, supersticious-sounding method works:

    1. Attempt a system restart (under the apple file).

    2. The system tells me that restart has been cancelled due to VEP running.  Still, it'll quit VEP.  

    3. I'll restart VEP, and attempt a restart once again.  I'll repeat this procesure 2-3 times, and then finally i'll be able to again open DP without getting the above error.

    I get this whether I manually disconnect each VEP instance or not.

    My question:  When DP crashes, if I want to keep VEP running with all the instances, how do I avoid this error, and have DP simply restart and reload the file?  

    Thanks much,