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  • MIR Pro buzzing channel

    Ive had occasions where loading a profile in VEP pro server one of the tracks running through MIR Pro buzzes like hell maxing out the channel. When I close the host project VEP crashes. I had seen this before with previous releases. Havent seen it pointed out before. Not able to pin it down with any more detail at the moment sorry. Though I do notice that in the track im working on there are some plugins before the offending MIR pro channel that are wrapped using jbridge. Dont know if this might have anything to do with it.

    Thanks Stuart

  • Hi Stuart,

    thanks for your report, and sorry for the trouble.

    As a matter of fact I encountered this behaviour myself on rare occasions, but I wasn't able to detect a pattern in it up to now. In my case it seems to be related to audio inputs, but I can't provoke the problem on purpose. 

    Rest assured that we will keep an eye on it ... :-/

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Could you drop a mail to  with this issue so I can help you one on one? Thanks.

  • The audio input plugin could well be implicated. Im using it from Pro Tools in my case. Ill copy this to the support email and ill let you know if I have any more detail. Thanks Stuart

  • Got the same bug here. Sudden full-scale noice on channels with MIR. Fix this ASAP, please!

  • Hi Hakan,

    sorry for that. As I said before - I ran into this problem myself, but I can't reproduce it. Do you have seen any pattern in this?


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I was never able to reproduce this either, but it's most probably fixed in the current update.

  • I had it on a session with VIPro 2.0.10214, Solo Strings and MIR. It didn't occur on 3rd part instruments in VEPro, only VSL. Yesterday I upgraded to the latest version of VEPro (from 5.0.10309 to 5.0.10370), and so far, so good.