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  • VE Pro Ens 5 with DP7.21

    I've just installed VE Pro 5 on my Master computer, with the intention of running it in tandem with DP (same machine). I'm running a MOTU PCI 424 and 2408 interfaces (I have a few outboard PCs running other stuff coming in via ADAT lightpipe). I just have a VERY basic question: When I select input to my Aux Track in DP in order to monitor / route my first VE Pro channel, I don't see VE Pro-1 Out 1/2 as an input option. I know that the Master bus in VE Pro is defaulted to this (VE Pro Out 1/2), and if I route my first instrument to the VE Pro Master bus, I do hear it, but it comes into the VE Pro Server Interface (a virtual instrument track in DP). However when I set the VE output channel to 3/4, it comes into an aux track (input 3/4 in DP). Can anyone tell me exactly where Out1/Out2 in VE Pro goes? And secondly, is it strange that I don't always see an 'input' coming into the VE Pro instrument server track (VI?) in DP. Is this Out1/2 the equivalent of any default input from a VI (say Kontakt) when running inside DP ? thanks