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  • Vivaldi - String Concerto RV 121 - III. Allegro

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    Still playing with the chamber strings in the Mozart Saal... what a pleasure! Here you have some non-Zimmer spiccati [:P]

    A. Vivaldi - String Concerto RV 121 - III. Allegro (Mix A)

    A. Vivaldi - String Concerto RV 121 - III. Allegro (Mix B)

    I hope you enjoy!

  • Hi Servando, very good performancce, i like much !!!! The strings are really very realistic. Bravo ! I listen to all records in soundcloud, and really it sounds great. And congratulations to the very nice flute player too ;-) Kind regards

  •  This is excellent - I thought the second mix might be better since it makes those fast notes clearer. Extremely enjoyable!

  •   Thanks Philippe and William... and also thanks on behalf of the flutist.

       I am still trying to sound more "musical" than "real" with these my first tracks, but I also think that the level of realism one can get from the Chamber Strings is amazing, especially with the short articulations. I also find the second mix more suitable for highlighting the fast attacks of the strings. I'll see if I can combine the close mic with the wet signal of a distant mic to further improve the mix (I haven't tried this yet as I am focusing more in knowing the different articulations)... or I maybe wait for the new second mic option of the upcoming version of MIR.

      Many thanks again to both of you for listening.

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