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  • LV.BEETHOVEN - Coriolan

    Hi, after Mozart,and Haydn, here is Beethoven in The Ouverture of Coriolan. Enjoy. Philippe

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    Classical weekend on the forum!! [;)]

    Hi Philippe, I enjoyed your videos this weekend as I struggled with my Mozart and Haydn. I was even thinking in trying the Coriolan also to close the "viennese classics" but... too late!! [:D] I think Egmont could also be a challenging tour de force for me, but for now I decided to rest a little in the laps of Vivaldi. Not so intimidating but it also taught me much.

    Anyway, happy to hear the music of the old masters at VSL. Please, keep on with your nice videos.

    Best Regards.

  • Hi servando, thanks for your comment. VSL has really amazing capabilities for classical music. And i feel i use just 10% of his power (may be not just a feeling :-)). A small gift for you : the last mouvement of Haydn Symphony "La surprise". I will post the andante soon ... Enjoy. Philippe.

  •  Yes, I love hearing these.  Please keep working on them.  It is fantastic to hear these classics done seriously.  I listened to the Beethoven - great job. 

    You are making me want to do some Mozart or Beethoven or Bach.    It is inspiring what you guys are doing.  And it is always good to do these great scores for study of these masters.   Congrats on the fine work! 

  •   Wonderful "Surprise"!!  Merci beaucoup, Philippe! Yes, the sonic richness of the library makes me also feel that I am using just a small part of it... but that only adds up to the excitement of discovering its, apparently, endless possibilities. It's only when a new musical difficulty arises that an unused patch or velocity layer pops up saying, "hellooo, I'm here!!!" [I]

    It's great to have you here, guys. William, glad to hear you're enjoying this classics. If you find time, please, do join us!! Let's have some fun!

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