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  • VEP low audio output levels

    I have VEP running on a slave Mac Mini, hosted in Pro Tools on a Mac Pro tower; All my virtual instruments in VEP max out at -12dB, even at my loudest MIDI velocity levels with loud instruments. Same instruments instantiated on the the master run at normal levels. Anybody have a solution to this issue? Otherwise VEP seems to be working great, but these aren't really useable dynamics. If there's a post covering this, please reply with a link- I searched and didn't find anything. Thanks, JDK

  • VE Pro doesn't change the levels unless you explicitly make it to. It's most likely that you're overlooking a volume parameter somewhere.

  • I don't have any automation written anywhere though, the same session with VIs instantiated from the host, there's higher audio. I'll look around for it just in case. Can you explain to me the "default pan law" setting in the general tab under VEP preferences? there's a pull-down there with various audio levels, it was on -3 by default. Does this have anything to do with level output or is it just pan related? Thanks! J

  • It's just pan related. I just verified with a test signal to be sure. VE Pro doesn't alter any levels unless explicitly instructed to.