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  • Re: Latency and digital noise when I set-up Vienna Input Plug-in

    System worked great until I tried to send an audio channel to VE Pro to utilize MIR. Any thoughts? As soon as i set this up I get really bad latency from the audio track, dropped samples and digital distortion from VE Pro. Now when I reverse that I still get the audio problems. I have tried different buffer settings etc. to correct but now even with a 'normal' setting I get messed up audio. Thanks Vincent

  • In which host are you running the VE Pro plugins?

  • Sorry... Digital Performer 7.24 .... I read that you need to turn the plug-in preferences to not render in real time....contrary to the VE Pro set-up instructions... I haven't tried that yet but will as soon as I can. Also, the transport functions don't respond between VE Pro and DP.... Thanks for your response in advance.

  • Indeed, you have to disable Pre-Gen for all plugins in DP's Audio Plug-Ins preferences for the Audio/Event Input plugins to work. The transport function indeed doesn't respond in DP. That's a known limitation unfortunately.

  • Will try Karel. Thank-you for your response and in spite of a few glitches (which I am sure will be addressed eventually) you guys have created a truly wonderful product. Kudos for all of your hard work. Will be in touch if I the work around is not successful.