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  • Question for Sonar users about final mixes - Reposted

     I just realized that I was using a highly defective keyboard when writing this post originally so it was a real challenge to read.  I re-posted it hoping people will now be able to read it!  :-)

    I have been using Sonar for a long time and I generally do my final mixes by recording everything to another machine.  I will soon have a state of the art DAW and would like to do my mixes directly in Sonar.  As you know, when you use VSTs in sonar you have to assign it in an audio channel and midi info is in a separate track joined with the audio track.  So, if I want to do a stereo mix of an entire multitrack piece, do I have to convert all those audio/midi tracks to a separate audio track first, or is there a way to havethe audio output from the audio/midi combo tracks go directly to a stereo mixdown track?


    Mike C.

  • Have you posted your question on the Sonar forum?  You might get a better response there.

    I do have an older version of Sonar - and am finally getting ready to put it through its paces.  Although this may have been fixed, ever since some early tests on an older yet version, I have been wary of using VST samples and Sonar in a one computer setup.  Whenever I would start working with the tempo track in Sonar, I usually got some hanging notes as well as some dropped notes after drawing in tempo changes.  When sending midi out externally, that never seems to be an issue.  YMMV.  Again, this may have been fixed, but I am now setup to use two computers.

    I will admit that at some point I will likely explore other DAW options.  The direction Sonar seems to be headed since the advent of X-1 (which I do not own) is of real personal concern.  In particular, their notation tools have not been updated, or fixed for that matter, in many years, and that feature is now far behind most other DAWs.

  • I did, but got nothing there either.  However, I figured it out myself.  Hard to believe that the Sonar manual and Garrigus's bible-sized book do not tell you how easy it is to do.