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  • MIR PRO worth its money and a few thanks to some people out there!

    I was thinking while responding to another thread how much MIR PRO and a couple other things changed my midi orchestral life.  I know what it feels like to read a forum, study reviews etc trying desperately to decide "should I buy this"?  I believe it will change your life with midi mockups.  It was the most powerful upgrade I ever made to my studio for midi mockups.  I own most all of the sample libraries of the other competition and MIR PRO has made blending them all together unreal simple placing them in the same room and adjusting accordingly. 

    There are 4 things in my studio that I praise and this is the order of praise:

    1.  MIR PRO - hands down changed my mockups more than anything ever.  Period.

    2.  ATC Speakers - I spent a fortune on these just recently.  Was nervous of the purchase but did it anyway.  Thank god I did however, the sound coming out of them was truly improved because of number 1.

    3.  My trusty, never fail me rock solid beloved RME Soundcards.  There is no discussion needed on this one, RME all the way.

    4.  My Lavry DACs.

    Now let's look at this another way.  Let's look at the costs, in order of lowest to highest.

    1.  MIR PRO - Least expensive of them all.  Looky there, it's still number one.

    2.  LAVRY DACs

    3.  RME Soundcards

    4.  ATC Speakers

    If you look at the list, you will clearly see that none of the other 3 could sound good without number 1 for me.  MIR PRO gives me what I need, and the others allow me to hear the results coming from it.  Not to mention the simplicity of it once you work with it a little while.  It finally let me be a musician and less engineer.

    I also want to send out a huge thanks to a few people who made my midi mockups improve dramatically.

    1.  DG - I had the privilege of working with you recently and your advice, information and examples improved my sound dramatically and gave me proper aim to my goals.  You shared with me some secrets that most people would have just simply refused to share and never given to anyone.  Couldn't have done it without your help.  Thanks man!

    2.  Beat Kaufmann - ALWAYS there to help anyone in need and an amazing source of knowledge and wisdom.  The most gentle person to deal with and completely trustworthy.  Over the years your tutorials and presets have raised my skills.  I have nothing but positive to say for you.

    3.  VSL Team - Dietz, Paul, Martin, Karel, Herb, Stefan and all the other unsung heroes who are hidden in your cave writing these applications and recording the instruments.  MIR PRO and VSL samples make me sound better than I really am.  Thanks to all of you for what you do for us even if sometimes it feels we aren't appreciative!  I have had to learn in my field that when I hear "nothing", it means I am doing a perfect job.  But dam it feels good to hear it once in a while!

    Oh by the way, about MIR PRO.  Just buy the dam thing!  :)


  • "1.  MIR PRO - hands down changed my mockups more than anything ever.  Period."

    Period plus exclamation mark. 

    For years I tried to tweak my way past an inpenetrable wall of one-dimensional sound. MIR broke through. Moreover, I'd have tweaked a hundred knobs to get this sound, but VSL just presented it to me in an interface that was immediately accessible. 

    And here's the frosting on the cake: MIR is actually taking LESS CPU in Logic to process reverb than my previous EXS / Space Designer set-up. I think some of that is VE Pro's superior handling of sample memory. 

    Yeah, when it's broke, VSL hears about it. But when it's great, we all run off to make music. So cheers to Dr. Gernaey for his praise, and my deepest admiration for this amazing company. 

  • This is a great post by cgernaey and I agree totally,  especially with the enthusiastic response!  MIR PRO is just astounding in how it makes any instrument sound instantly REAL.  I was just working on another mix yesterday and was having the same almost eerie feeling of total reality I was hearing right in front of me.  One places the instrument in the space, and suddenly - it is real.    It is a great creation by a truly innovative company. 

  • Thanks for all the positive feedback! [D] Always good to hear.

    We understand it as an encouragement for future advancements.

    Kind  regards from Vienna,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library