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  • Free Vienna Ensemble software...

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    I was just reading some stuff on the VSL webpage and saw a note saying "Your purchase also entitles you to download the free Vienna Ensemble mixing and host software," in regards to several DVD instruments. I already own the Standard and extended libraries for Brass 1, Woodwinds 1, Solo Strings and Chamber strings. I am going to be buying MIR Pro at the end of the week and if this means I can get VE for free, that would be great. OR, do I need VE Pro to use MIR?



  • I believe VE Pro is required to use MIR Pro.

  • VE PRO is required for MIR PRO.  Let me also say, it will change your life.  It was the most powerful upgrade I ever made to my studio for midi mockups.  Worth every penny to me.


  • get the bundle, both VEP5 and MIR Pro, saves money,

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    @civilization 3 said:

    get the bundle, both VEP5 and MIR Pro, saves money,

    Yeah, I just bought the bundle to go with my new PC DAW!  Very exciting.