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  • MIDI activity on slave, no audio being generated.

    Win 7 master/Win 7 slave, VEP 5.10319, VIPro 2.0.10214, Cubase 6. One server instance and one event input instance.

    When I play my keyboard I can see the MIDI activity light go on on my slave on the correct track, but no audio is being generated by the VI. That is to say, there is no audio activity in the VIPro instrument itself.

    This happened after I lowered my buffer to test out my system's performance. I got a stuck note and had to press Reset in Cubase. I also had to stop the audio enginer on my slave. When I pressed reset, VIs were no longer triggering their samples. I have tried a computer reboot.

  • Yes, I have restarted the audio engine.

  • I just noticed that when the engine start/stop button is illuminated, it is reading as "Engine Stopped", and vice versa. Setting the start/stop button to un-ililuminated doesn't restore my audio, either.

  • In an effort to recreate this, I started from scratch and created a new template. This time I left my buffer settings on the default. I got a stuck note and hit reset in Cubase and again I am getting the same behavior. MIDI activity but no audio.