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  • Preserving Meter Read-Outs for EXS in Logic with Audio Input Plug-In

    I have some EXS instruments using MIR via the I/O Bypass and Audio Input Plug-In method. They sound amazing.

    But the downside is the loss of meter read-outs in the channel strips. The inserted plug-in steals the sound before it hits the LED meters.

    To preserve the read-outs, I removed the Audio Input Plug-Ins from the EXS' channels, sent their outputs to a bus, and then put the Audio Input Inserts in that bus.  So now the EXS channels meter the signal, and the bus doesn't. I can live with that. 

    1. Am I correct that the EXS instruments in this case would not need an I/O bypass? 

    2. Is there a simpler way to preserve the meter response without using a bus? 

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    @plowman said:


    2. Is there a simpler way to preserve the meter response without using a bus?

    Can't you switch them to pre-fade metering? At least that's how I do it in Nuendo and Cubase (and it should work in Pro Tools, too.)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Dietz. I have scavenged the whole of Logic for a pre-fader option on many occasions. It appears to exist only for sends, not for inserts. If it is hiding in plain sight, I'd welcome a Logician to point it out. 

    But this work-around is fine, and it has the benefit of summing the signal.