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  • W.A.MOZART Piano concerto N°21

    Hi, i share today the 1rst mouvement of piano concerto N°21 K467. I used solo strings, chamber strings and Standard Edition. Enjoy.

  •  That sounds great.  I had the impression it could take a little more "messing up" of accuracy of lines and the 16ths seem a little "hard" somehow.   As if maybe they should be more liquid if that makes any sense.  But it is a great to hear this piece.  I really like to be able to listen to these classics seriously presented the way you are doing.

  • Hi William. Thanks for your comment. You are right : i have little work to do on the piano .. :-) With the sttings of the piano concerto, i record the 4th mouvement of Haydn Symphoniy 104. Enjoy ;-)

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