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  • MOTU828mkII

    VSL Community

    Just upgraded my computer from a G5 with a MOTU828mkII audio interface to a 12 core 2.66GHz MacPro.  I was planning to use the MOTU828mkII with the new computer but the 828mkII has a 400 firwire connection and the MacPro only accepts 800 firewire connection.  Is there any way to connect the 828mkII to the MacPro?



  • Buy a 3rd party Firewire 400 controller.


  • Cgernaey

    Thanks for the info. Any suggestions on brands for a firewire controller.



  • Can't you just by a FW400-to-FW800 adapter?

  • I had some trouble with my 828 mkII with a PCI firewire card once and learned that they can be picky. this was on windows though.  I think they might work better with a texas instrument chipset.

  • just buy a FW400 to FW800 cable. I was told you can find them in the Apple store !!! or Sonnet has one at 10 $

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  • I've been using MK2 for years with a FW400 to FW800 cable. Works great...also have used the old 828 and 8pre with FW400 to FW800 cable no issues. you can buy them anywhere including ebay. :)

  •  VSL Community

    Thanks for yor help.  I purchased a 400 to 800 cable and everything is working fine.