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  • Does this work compositionally?

    ....or is it just more of the same. I am hoping that some some signs of improvement persist but I cannot be altogether sure as I seem to get tired of things before I get a chance to get going - maybe that says something in itself. I'm holding off putting these through the Vienna treatment until I can be comfortable that it may be worth the time. For this piece I was trying to do something more interesting with the string arrangement/composition than I have previously and I deliberately didn't write in anything other than piano and strings. I can see possibilities for the wind section but I am not sure it warrants anything futher yet but would be interested in any feedback suggestions. Again, excuse the sibelius sounds but I am trying to focus on the compositional aspects rather than the finsihed track.



  • Hi,

    I've updated the music now with VSL after a very stressful week involving ditching Logic and switching to Cubase 6.5 (demo). I must say I find Cubase much easier to work with however I also found there were no non-legato solo strings patches which I found quite irritating considering I hadn't planned on splashing vibrato all over the place.

    I tried to minimise the use of vibrato within the string arrangement however there are a couple of wobbly bits were I needed to incorporate the solo strings to acheive a better definition in places.

    I'd appreciate to hear how anyone out there is working around the lack of non-vibrato patches in the solo strings of the special edition as I only noticed they were not included when trying this arrangment and I have found it quite restricting. I know that the trick suggested previously to build a good string sound is to blend different libraries however it would be good to hear which ones in particular work well alongside the VSL patches.



  • Hi Tom

    This works Compositionally quiet well in my opinion. Although, I would start it at .11    The first glance start from beginning might work with full strings. But with all the music today on the net. It might loose the listener until it start picking up. And picks up it does. This is a physically written piece of music.

     The piece is Irishy Mozartian and quiet inspiring. Something new. The piano is what makes it. You're a fine pianist for a flutist. This will also push my limitations as an old man at the piano perhaps, You know you and the spanish teacher are the only one's here writing original classical material. You've got my encouragement, stay at it.  Forgive me if I offend anyone, But I'm rarely on the forum. I could be wrong. But I'm not hearing any others, for that reason you most likely scared any responders....

       The piece obviously needs the Jay Bacall treatment. I find his demos of Pavane and the Mozart 3rd, mvt. piece the finest on this forum of giving the MIR and VSL justice. His demo's of those pieces have out-done any previous real orchestra recordings. Check with I-tunes. If anyone hears different, please post. Not to put all others down here on the forum either, they're all quiet good, but if you can give the score to Jay and talk him into it. You would see a fine composition just as any from the past.. John Fields was another inspiring Irish that gave Chopin his style. Of-course non of us will ever reach those giants from the past of the privacy stay home and compose age, of build a fire and hunt for your food days, and ther's no plumbing to worry about, or paying for much or any one clamping on and bothering.. We have to go to work in this day and time, food prices keep going up and we're tied with everyone around the world. Head games ! So you're accomplishing a fast pace in composition in the midst of .... a rare Hurra !!

        Its wonderful to hear others put up mozart and Bach's music being finally sampled in a matter of hours by fine programmers. This forum is really picking up in the musical genre'. And Those that write their own compositions should be noted for it is quick and it takes 20 minutes to write, after a lifetime of training !  From the age of pre romantic, structure oriented and piano dynamic era. If you get PaulR's and Williams blessing here, then you're established. You might have to throw something at PaulR to wake him up. He's propably sun-bathing on the english riviera... 

        Please keep posting your new pieces, I'm quiet interested in new material and fine music. Like fine wine, it has to ferment in time, and recognized with others, for it might be a good year for tom....

       Ther's no need to reply please. Keep your piece of mind. For if you have that, you have everything. 

  • First of all thanks for taking the time to listen and I really appreciate the feedback.

    I can't let this just sit however without responding to the comment regarding myself and Servando being the only ones writing original classical material. I have been listneing to William's Romantic Symphony and also Hetoreyn's Winds of Time and I think there is a huge difference between my 3 minute musings which I am essentially creating as a means of teaching myself music (albeit a very painful process for most people to witness audibly) and the 60 minute symphonic wonders that those two guys have produced. Both in terms of creative material and the quality of the finished product.

    I reckon there are a number of people on this forum who are working away (I hope) at their next works but are probably more circumspect in how and when they present their material. In some cases they are probably going to sell their material commercially which means you don't neccesarily want to be putting it out there for free as nobody will buy it. In my case, I know this stuff isn't going anywhere except on my hard disk, my soundcloud and also as a point of reference for my learning.

    Again, thanks for the comments as always and I am sorry if I have responded a bit defensively but I am conscious of some of the hugely creative and talented individuals on the forum whose output might not be seen on these forums however I am sure that it is happening all the same.

    Best Regards,


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