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  • How to introduce vibrato ?

    Hello everyone, I'd like to know if there's a way to create a vibrato with the Vienna Instruments software ?

    Thanks for your help. All the best.

    Anthony Scotto

  •  You do it by loading a patch that has vibrato already recorded.


  • That's the matter, precisely. The only patches of Vienna Choir that do it are the "espressivo" version, but it's not enough expressive to my taste, especially for the Bass Ensemble.

    So, to your mind, it's not available... Okay, thank you DG for your diligence. My best.

    Anthony Scotto

  •  Ah, well I'm afraid you're out of luck then. Sorry not to be able to help.


  • Finally, there's a little solution to do it : Using the humanize area of Vienna Instruments Pro.

    Making a regular sine simulate the effect but it's still not realistic, I didn't find the perfect curve.

    If someone worked on it, it'd be great to announce it here, I can share the file.