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  • Sequencer/Chord Matrix - Velocity Switch don't work


    i've been trying this for a while now and am about to give up.
    were're supposed to be able to switch between e.g. major and minor chords in the chord matrices by key velocity parameter. that is - if i hit the key softly i should hear a major chord, if i hit it hard a minor one... just that it doesn't work.

    am i doing something wrong? there also doesn't seem to be another way to change between minor/major scales.. only to change the root key using the keyswitches.

    am i the only one for whom this feature doesn't work? i've tried it from within VE Pro 5 and form a single instance VI Pro withing Cubase 6 as well as in standalone.. 

    this would be such a usful tool.. if i got it to work that is ;)
    help would be greatly appreciated.

    many thanks in advance