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  • 64 bit and Waves


    I will get the Vienna Suite, but until then; is there no way I can use my Waves Gold (RennMaxx) with the 64-bit server in Vienns Ensemble Pro 5?



  •  Not on a Mac. Is there a problem with the 32bit server?


  • Nothing wrong with the 32-bit, but I´m loading upp full orchestra and would like to gain access to full RAM..


  • Well there is a very convoluted way of doing what you want, using the audio input feature of VEP.


  • Have you seen the press release announcing Waves V9, which includes 64bit versions (at last!)?

    The release says Q1 2012, which ends in the coming weeks... hopefully they can deliver on this.

  • Just a quick note to say I've just upgraded to V9 waves 64 bit. Had to upgrade to the 5.0.10309 release of Ensemble pro for the Waves screens to display/work correctly. It all seems to be working very well but I am just going through past projects and loading them up to see if all is 100% working. Hope this is of help.


  • Excellent. Thanks for posting!