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  • demo music of solo strings with faster vibrato?

    I am thinking of purchasing solo strings I, but after I listened to all the demo music on the website, I did not find any "fast vibrato" passage used to express strong emotions. I have the complete Special Edition Series, and would like to know how Solo Strings can do regarding vibrato, especially for "expressivo" solo string passages. Thanks.

  • I don't have any examples as I never used it in my songs yet, but there is a patch called sustain_esp that has really fast and strong vibrato (as well as attack).  It's much more expressive than the regular legato vibrato by quite a bit.  I can post you an example later if you want.  It won't be music at all.  Just me playing some notes of that patch to show you its vibrato rate and attack at some different levels of velocity.


  • Hi, Cgernaey, Please post the example of the patch you described. I am very interested in the capability of VSL solo strings. Thank you so much.

  •  Hi ondine,

    check out the demo of VI PRO. With the envelope stretch features you can create variations of custom sustain patches with any vibrato speed.

    The envelope features works also great if you want to alter the speed within a note (starting with slower vibrato and speeding up after a certain timeframe for example).



  • I just tried VI pro, and the result of time-stretch for vibrato does not sound natural. I am still looking for some examples of faster vibrato in VSL to see if Solo Strings I helps.