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  • convolution reverb, other

    SIbelius 7 64bit Vienna SE 64bit. Which third pary unexpensive convolution reverbs works with this and how does one install them?

  •  Obvious question; haver you tried Vienna Suite?


  •  I use the Vienna Convolution reverb (from Vienna Suite) in Sibelius all the time.  It works perfectly well, and doesn't seem to take much processing power, as some convolution reverbs can do.

  • Hi guys, first post here...

    I have Native Instruments Complete 8, which I recently discovered has a IR module in Guitar Rig 5.  It sounds like a long way to go about things, but I loaded up a couple of instances of GR5 with 'Reflector' loaded in VEpro on send busses and it added some lovely warmth beyond my other options...  Not sure if that meets your requirement for 'innexpensive' or not - to me it was dirt cheap since it was bundled with something else I had.

    I've only just begun researching the issue of importing IRs and where to find other impulses.  I have read that not all convolution reverb players accept all formats and some have issues with truncating longer impulses...  Seems there's much to read up on the subject.

  • Without meaning to upset anyone, I will quote something I red in another forum: "Convolution is a well-defined mathematical operation, so you one plugin can't really do it better than another. However, here is were things are important: 1) impulse responses are everything, and are generally what people mean when they say one plugin is better than another. However, if you can load the impulse responses into another plugin, the results *should* be indistinguishable. 2) performance requirements may differ significantly. There are a millions ways of implementing convolution, each of which is likely optimal in different situations. So, some plugins may be much lighter on CPU usage. 3) some plugins add features like simulating different positions of an instrument in a hall. This could definitely be useful. My suggestion is to find some free impulse responses (there are some very good ones) and a plugin like SIR. If you aren't happy with it, then consider paying for one." Reading this drove me to write my question. Vienna Suite is a little expensive for me, if what I have quoted is true, I should be able to perceive good reverb with my Vienna Special Edition without having to spend much or anything. I did Import SIR to try it out, but I do not know in which folder it should go in order for Vienna Special Edition to recognise it, perhaps it is not compatible?

  • I would like to take the opportunity here to complain to the people at Vienna Instruments. All instruments in Vienna Special Edition sound horribly dry, they seem to beg for at least a little reverb, probably this is on purpose, they are raw, ready to be enhanced with additional software. But it would be decent to worn prospective buyers that without additional software VSE instruments sounds worse than instruments in cheaper software. More decent would be to include a little reverb with VSE. Especially considering that it can apparently be acquired for free.

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    @create-compose said:

    All instruments in Vienna Special Edition sound horribly dry, they seem to beg for at least a little reverb, probably this is on purpose, they are raw, ready to be enhanced with additional software

    VSL samples are recorded dry deliberately.  The reason is that then you can add different kinds of reverb - convolution, algorhythmic, MIR, whatever - and this makes them far more useful than other libraries that have built-in reverb.  So the dryness is not a problem, it is an advantage. 

  • Hello Create-Compose

    SIR1 was the free Convolution Reverb for a long time

    This one is a probably a good one as well...



    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • I have the Vienna Instruments Special Edition II, and was wondering if I could use the MIR with this ensemble? I don't have the Pro one. Thank you and GOD bless!

  •  If you don't have Vienna Ensemble Pro, you can't use MIR Pro.


  •  This is a really old thread. I have reopened it because the subject is the same.

     I have not needed to visit the forum for years because my software has been working flawlessly all this time, but suddenly my Hof Orgami free reverb plugin has stopped working. I have completely forgotten how to plug in the plugin. This is with Sibelius and windows 7, I have another computer an Apple with the latest OS and the Vienna ensemble is different in it, it looks different and it has reverb. The Vienna ensemble in my Windows computer does not have reverb or at least I can’t find it.    So my question is how to reinstall a third party convolution reverb (Hof Orgami in this case.) or better; how do I use the inbuilt reverb in Vienna ensemble.

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    Hi create-compose,

    As far as I can tell, you are working with SE Volume 1, and you have checked out the Vienna Suite with a demo license in 2012.

    First of all, I´d make sure that you are using the latest Vienna Instruments and Vienna Ensemble Software on all computers.

    We have added a reverb to Vienna Instruments in 2013, IIRC.

    To add third party plug-ins to Vienna Ensemble on Windows:

    1) Go to the Vienna Ensemble SERVICE Preferences.
    2) Assign the correct VST Plug-in Folder (you can decide which folder(s) you are installing your plug-ins in)


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you Paul, just one question, when I upgrade the software will I have to add all instruments over again and reload all presets again in Vienna Ensemble for all my compositions? Or will loaded instruments and presets remain?

  • Hi, 

    You will be fine, the older projects will be loaded right away. 

    Any troubles, contact us at


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL

  • Latest Vienna Instruments and Ensemble installed and working perfectly and with Reverb just fine.

    thank you so much.

    That is with all my old scores.   I tried a new score and no sound? I’ve checked for hours to see what’s wrong but I don’t get it. The keyboard reacts normally, the instruments appear to be loaded in both Sibelius and Vienna, the level indicators for each instrument in Vienna Ensemble react correctly in the new score and everything seems OK.  One unusual thing is that  in Vienna  I don’t see the instruments loading, I mean they appear as loaded but  the few seconds it use to take to load do not happen  and the loading line does not appear?  

    Switch to an old score and sound reappears.



  • I've now managed to get sound, all is well.