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  • MIR PRo 5 and EastWest Word builder

    I am running EASTWEST Word Builder as a plugin on a VisionDAW PC running MIR Pro 5. When I set up a voice patch and phrase in Word Builder it plays fine from the eastwest player virtual  keyboard. However,if I try to play the word builder phrase from the keyboard attached to Logic 9 on a Mac Pro master computer connected to MIR Pro 5 on the slave PC, it plays the samples without applying the word builder software. Has anyone else had this problem?


    Stephen W. Beatty

  • Sorry, I don't have EW Word Builder for testing.

    ... maybe some fellow user can jump in, supplying first-hand experience...?

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  •  I asume that you are using the Kontakt version?


  • I wasn't aware there was a kontakt version of the eastwest wordbuilder. I am using the  eastwest symphonic choirs with the expanded upgrade of word builder. 



  • I uninstallled the EastWest Symphonic Choirs today from my system. There is apparently a conflict that causes the system to freeze. The older version of symphonic choirs worked without the wordbuilder upgrade, but the upgrade caused the system to freeze repeatably. Does the the Voxos choir software with the Kontakt player work with the MIR Pro 5?


    Stephen W. Beatty 

  • Voxos works great with VEP5/MIR PRO here.


  • Thanks Shandor