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  • Hybrid Reverb Wet side NOT inputting in stereo...

    Have the hybrid reverb on a bus, sending from a gtr channel.  Gtr is panned to the right %50.  Added Hybrid reverb on BUS. I mute the dry sound and listen to the wet sound.  When I pan the reverb send to the Left it's not showing the verbs input coming from the left and certainly it doesn't sound like the send is panned.  The tone changes leading me to believe that both sides are there just combined to a mono input (On the wet side),  Dry signal is panning so I no it's not the DAW.

  • Hi Michaelwdavis,

    Sorry to hear about your problem. I just tested Hybrid Reverb's behaviour with Nuendo 4.2 (using the "1.0s Small Wooden Room" preset), and as soon as it's set up properly it works as expected.

    What DAW are you using, and what OS?

    Have you clicked the "Mono In" button below the Output fader unintentionally? Any chance that you are using a mono-bus as an AUX?

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks for your reply.  Using Sonar X1D.  Didn't click the mono in button. not using a mono bus.  Win7 64bit 8gig ram. core2quad process.  I'm  thinking it may be an X1D bug.  Got to do some more testing after I take care of my clients.  :)

  • For starters, you could test it like that:

    On a stereo audio channel, insert VS Power Pan in the first and Hybrid Reverb in the following slot. Reduce the width of the signal to mono and pan it from the left to the right. These movements should be reflected by Hybrid Reverb's signal.

    If this works, Hybrid Reverb does its job like it should do, and the problem has to be found in the AUX-send routing.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi !

    Same problem here, but i work with cubase.

    My problem is almost the same, except i use convolution reverb instead of hybrid. But i tried a bit with hybrid, no difference.

    Thx to you test, i think i found what seems to be the problem.

    The main problem seems to come from FORTI and SERTI IRs, which seems to "crush" the stereo response. Recentering all my instruments instantly.

    It doesn't occur with vsl IRs.

    Really annoying. Is there a work around ?

    edit : Talking about the wet signal of course. The dry one still have a correct pan.

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    @Plougot said:

    The main problem seems to come from FORTI and SERTI IRs, which seems to "crush" the stereo response. Recentering all my instruments instantly.

    It doesn't occur with vsl IRs.

    Really annoying. Is there a work around ?

    The wet signal of either an early reflection (ER) or a Reverb Tail is always a very wide stereo field (remember reverb is omnidirectional). Especially with ER impulses consider using Vienna Suite Power Pan to adjust the width and position in the stereo field of each instrument (both wet and dry signals). This routing approach wil enhance the acoustic realism considerable and alows you to adjust where individual instruments should be in the stereo field - which is never fixed. I have determined the position and stereo width for all the orchestra instruments - below are links with Power Pan screen shots setting.





    Ernest Cholakis

    Numerical Sound

  • Thank you for your reply.

    So you're saying I can't use an ER on a group of instruments ? I have a setup with 4 vienna ensemble pro window (strings, woodwinds, brass, percs), and i wanted each of them to have a specific ER. Nevertheless, i don't want to give a single ER per instrument (my cpu is strong, but not that strong).

    I don't want to use anykind of dry signal, at least for the brass.

    So how should I setup my orchestra ? Your examples don't show exactly where the ER should be put.

    I know i've already told it, but i don't have the same problem with vsl IRs, which are also very wide, but still preserve where are my instruments in the stereo field.

    For example, with forti and serti, pure wet, if i play a trumpet 100% to the right and a trombone 100% to the left, the signal is exactly in the middle for both instruments, so they both sound like they're at the same place, right in the middle. Is this normal ?

  • I think it boils down to the simple difference between four channel IRs (actually dual stereo: L>L, R>L / L>R, R>R, not to be confused with MIR's Ambisonics 4-channel IRs) and conventional stereo IRs (L/R). The former will provide source dependent stereo information, the latter are actually dual mono in / stereo out.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thx,

    Just to be absolutely sure, it means that i can't keep my source stereo information with FORTI and SERTI, and that they cannot be used on a group of instruments with different pan settings without losing any stereo infos, am i right ?

    Is there still a way to use these IR as "group IRs" (i mean, on the audio of an entire VEP pro instance, like "woodwinds" for example, with multiple sources with different pan settings), or is it just impossible ?

    My main concern is juste that i can't have 1 reverb per instrument, unless i want to kill instantly my poor little cpu guy.