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  • Loss of audio after Mac 'sleep'

    Ive noticed an issue that has been happening lately, I can't pin it down to a particular update unfortunately.

    I'm using the latest version of Logic Pro, VEP and the latest version of Lion.

    All works fine, but if the computer goes into full sleep (like when left on overnight), when I come back to it, my VEP instruments make no sound. They show as connected and the PC is working as usual.

    If I exit then reload the template then everything works fine again.

    Is this something I'm doing wrong?

  • I have similar issues on a PC with Cubase where I have 3 other PC's connected via VE PRO with multiple instantiations.  Randomly 1 pc will not respond or even a single instantiation on a PC.  Cubase will show it is connected but no midi or audio is being received and transmitted.  If I try to "disconnect" from with in Cubase my PC appears locked until I force quit the VE PRO on the remote PC I am trying to disconnect from in Cubase.  

    Once I reload VE PRO on the remote PC and reconnect all is fine.  It is happening about once a day....driving me crazy.  Totally seems random and not even on the same PC each time.

  • Yep.

    Same here. No slave computer. Only a master but I have to reload when it happens. Very annoying