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  • Mir Pro setup

    Hallo! Is this setup possible & will the master computer be able to handle this? Master computer (iMac 2.8 Quad i7, 16 GB ram, 1 TB 7200 HD) handling: Mir Pro (30 inputs) + DAW (Cubase 6) Slave PC handling: Sample libraries

  •  You will need to have MIR running on the slave PC, as MIR Pro works as part of VE Pro which you will have running on your slave. So the processing stress, is on the slave rather than the master. Meaning that it is the slave that needs to be powerful (as far as sample libraries is concerned). 16Gb of RAM on the slave should be OK (24Gb might be better), if you are just running DAW software with effects processing on the master, you probably won't need 16Gb of RAM on the master.

  • Hi Hanquist,

    30 signals within MIR Pro is something most recent machines should be able to handle. What are the detailed specs of your CPU?

    Like pointed by Andyjh, you could use MIR Pro either directly on your slave, or you use VE Pro's Audio Input plugin to route the signals coming from your slave into MIR Pro on your main machine.

    Kind regards, 

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • My main computer: iMac i7-860 2.8 GHz Quad, 16 GB ram, 1 TB 7200 HD. My slave PC: i7-2600K 3.40GHz Quad, 16 GB ram (maybe 24 GB is better?), Kingston 120GB SSD. Wouldn't it be the best to have the slave PC handling the samples only and the main computer handling Mir Pro & DAW? Or in other words - will my slave PC be able to handle both samples and Mir Pro? I mainly uses KH Concert Strings 2, SM Brass Bundle, VSL Woodwinds & (buying VSL percussion in near future) Thanks for your help :)

  • I don't know too much about 3rd party products, but as long as Vienna Instruments are concerned, CPU consumption is not so much of an issue compared to disk speed and RAM demands.

    What are the specs of your slave PC? (... or did I miss them in a message you have posted previously?)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library