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    Since I tried everything from removing elicenser, installing, uninstalling, removing plists, downloading, and trying again, I am very disappointed in either my skills and/or the future of the software. It sounded like just what I needed, but if I can't even get the demo software registered and can't even find the "Downloader" software…I am a bit reluctant to build a system around it. This would be a fairly big expense when you consider the engineering and thought process. It started out to be a possible money saving and management tool and then nearly a day later felt like heavy weight and loss of time. I am not ready to give up, but I can't get the licenser to work at all. By the way, I am using an Imac I7 with Snow Leopard 10.6 and 16Gig, 2TB

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    Hi JimmyDee,

    And welcome to our forum!

    Which product is it that you're having problems with?

    I see that you got yourself a demo license of our Vienna Ensemble PRO 5. You can download the software and all manuals here (login necessary).

    Kindly note that you'll also need a ViennaKey (or any other USB eLicenser, e.g., Steinberg Key, Arturia Key etc.) and the eLicenser Control Center software to run the demo.

    You'll then need to enter the Activation Code that you've received via email into eLicenser Control Center to download the demo license to your eLicenser key.

    Hope that helps to get you started. [;)]