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  • Controlling of the Downloaded Files

    Hi all,

    my 2 questions of the day :-)

    I downloaded a lot of Download-Instruments-files (My external Harddisk shows more than 80 GB) and it took me more than 10 hours (... and it damaged my old Macbook Black ... I don't know why :-D ...)

    1. Question:

    Is there a way to control if all the Files (CAB-Files and so on ... ) are complete? Or would installation not be possible without the complete quantity of files? I would like to control that, cause in the morning my older Macbook, which I used for the MEGA-Download didn't work.

    I just Downloaded the Files with the Download-Manager, but i did't install them yet.

    (The good thing: My main Computer works smoothly :-)

    2. Question:

    The Library Updates ... Do they contain additional Content? Maybe Physical Modelling stuff :-)??


    BR Lars

  • Hi Lars, 

    1) That´s the good part with the download manager: All files are downloaded correctly, otherwise the download wouldn´t complete (and installation wouldn´t even start).

    2) You´ll get more Presets, Matrices and a few bug-fixes.... no physical modelling stuff. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Danke Dir Paul[:D]