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  • VI pro2 keyboard doesn't react to mouse

    Why would that be. There are no RAM or CPU issues. One moment the VI keyboard responds fine. Next time I load up it just doesn't react for any of the 20 or so instruments I've got loaded.

    Any ideas?

  • Anyone offer any help on this. All other parameters in the VI respond but the keyboard doesn't. Neither does anything play when midi is being sent from sibelius. All midi routing is correct. One minute the set up was working fine the next session it wasn't. Very frustrating. Anyone any ideas to resolve this.

  • Sequencer activated by mistake?

  • No sequencer is off.

  • Anymore help please!!!!!!

  • Hello David!

    Just a wild guess. Could it be, that another program was using the ASIO driver while you were starting Sibelius?

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library