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  • For Download Instruments Extended is disabled?

    Hello, I want to buy some downloadable instruments such as Flute1, Clarinet Bb but extended buy option is disabled for me? I've checked all single instruments, only "standart" and "full" purchase options are available. How can I buy extended versions?? Thanks, Cenk

  •  The extended versions only become available to you once you have registered the standard version. You can buy the combined full in one go if you want to buy both.  You cannot own the extended only version of a library, which is why it is greyed out if you don't own the standard library.

    I believe the current offer on at the moment, means the full library will have the extended portion discounted by 30%, so it will cost less than the full price shown.

  • Thanks for your reply andyjh, I see. But the announcement of the campaign is confusing I think. I woudln't need to buy standart or full version for benefiting from the discount. It is not a discount actually :) I changed my mind... Thanks again,